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Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine

Roco Hits Gold!

We are thrilled that our screening plant is featured on the popular Discovery Channel show, Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine. As big fans of the series already, we were excited to see the Roco X3 Rinsing screen make its television debut and can’t wait to see where Dave’s journey takes him.

Perfect Screening Weather For Our X7T

Wed 30 Jun, 2021

Our X7T out doing some serious screening in a customer’s quarry. The X7T boasts size, aggression, and performance when it comes to segregating products, making it the top choice when it comes to productivity, quality and value. This massive 4-way split unit will clean and separate material like no other while maintaining efficiency and consistency. The massive 3-deck 7 x 1.52m screenbox is the largest-in-class screening area resulting in the best quality screening results.

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