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X7T Aggregate Screen

Discovery Channel

Dave Turins Lost Mines

Here at Roco we are thrilled to announce that we have completed a deal on a new screening plant with Dave Turin from Gold Rush Lost Mines. The very popular global show aired its second series this year on the Discovery Channel, where the last episode of the 2020 series 'Lost miner lockdown’ was heavily influenced by our Roco X3 Rinsing screen. Dave made his first-ever trip to Ireland in December 2019

Key Features

  • Radio Remote Tipping Grid
  • 100ft² Screening Area (Top Deck)
  • Large Stockpiling Capacity
  • Triple Deck


Features & Benefits

  • Radio Remote Tipping Grid
  • 100ft² Screening Area (Top Deck)
  • 4 Screened Products, 1 pass
  • Reversible Transfer Belt
  • Large Stockpiling Capacity
  • Hyd Galvanized Landing Legs
  • Adjustable Throw
  • Folding Hopper Flares

Spec Options

  • Twin Deck Vibrating Live-Head
  • Screen Deck Media
  • Hopper Extensions
  • Radio Remote Control
  • Dust Covers

Power Unit Options

  • Tier 3
  • Tier 4F
  • Stage V

The biggest of all our screening units, the X7T boasts size, aggression, and performance when it comes to segregating products. This massive 4-way split unit will clean and separate material like no other while maintaining efficiency and consistency. The massive 3 deck 6.15 x 1.52m screenbox also has the option to become a rinsing unit making it the all-around perfect choice for all aspects of screening.



Technical Specifications

Screen box 6.15m x 1.52
Hopper volume 8m³
Output potential Up To 450tph
Feeder belt 1050mm
Discharge height 5.78m

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X7T Aggregate Screen

  • Radio Remote Tipping Grid
  • 100ft² Screening Area (Top Deck)
  • Large Stockpiling Capacity

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