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X7T Aggregate screen

X7T Aggregate screen

Key Features

  • Radio remote tipping grid
  • 100ft² Screening area (Top deck)
  • Large Stockpiling capacity
  • Triple deck


Features & Benefits

  • Radio remote tipping grid
  • 100ft² Screening area (Top deck)
  • 4 Screened prodcts, 1 pass
  • Transfer belt (Oversize product)
  • Large stockpiling capacity
  • Hyd Galvanized landing legs
  • Adjustable throw
  • Folding hopper flares

Spec Options

  • Twin deck vibrating live-head
  • Screen deck media
  • Hopper extensions
  • Radio remote control
  • Dust covers

Power Unit Options

  • Tier 3
  • Tier 4F
  • Stage V

The biggest of all our screening units, the X7T boasts size, aggression and performance when it comes to segregating products. This massive 4 way split unit will clean and separate material like no other while maintaining efficiency and consistency. The massive 3 deck 6.15 x 1.52m screenbox also has the option to become a rinsing unit making it the all round perfect choice for all aspects of screening.


Technical Specifications

Screen box 6.15m x 1.52
Hopper volume 8m³
Oputput potential Up to 600tph
Feeder belt 1050mm
Discharge height 5.78m

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