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We are thrilled that our screening plant is featured on the popular Discovery Channel show, Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine. As big fans of the series already, we were excited to see the Roco X3 Rinsing screen make its television debut and can’t wait to see where Dave’s journey takes him.

Roco Overband Magnet Helping To Create A Greener Future????

Mon 10 May, 2021

Oxigen Environmental operates a fleet of specialized vehicles and equipment to deal with all the many types of waste management issues that can arise. From illegal dumping, spillages, and site clean-ups, Oxigen have been there to solve it all. They go above and beyond their competitors to ensure that every piece of recyclable material is recovered from waste streams before the remainder is disposed of.

To ensure maximum efficiency, Oxigen chooses the super-powerful Roco Overband Magnet (M1250) to separate all ferrous material from their customer’s general waste. This means they can recycle the items that don’t make it into the customer’s recycling bin. Here at Roco9, it’s our priority to ensure we do our bit to care for the environment – which is why we’re delighted that Oxigen uses the Roco M1250 magnet to clean up the environment. We are also improving our carbon footprint with our newest diesel-electric jaw crusher offering, The RYDER 1000, which has a 100% electric plug-in option to run from an electrical grid or any external power supply!

The Roco Overband Magnet is available in both electric or hydraulic drive, so it is suited to whatever job clients require it for. Our M Range units all contain our high-strength strontium ferrite ceramic magnets that are designed and configured to achieve the highest standard of extraction rates.

For more info on how you can do your bit to help the environment, check out Oxigen’s fantastic website here!

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