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We are thrilled that our screening plant is featured on the popular Discovery Channel show, Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine. As big fans of the series already, we were excited to see the Roco X3 Rinsing screen make its television debut and can’t wait to see where Dave’s journey takes him.

News Article on GWW

Mon 13 Jul, 2020

Earlier this year we sold one of our R9R Crushers to Smet Rental in Belgium, recently they have had an article published on GWW regarding their choice in a perfect crusher for their business application, see below for the full text.

Sláinte, on the new crusher!
In case you’re not an Ireland connoisseur: Sláinte means “toast” in Irish. Even though the proverb says “What you get from far is tastier” at Smet Rental in Verrebroek they don’t take any risks. The youngest descendant in the range of rubble crushers was born and raised on Irish soil, but never came to Belgium before Stefaan Smet and Manath Gevaert saw him with their own eyes on Irish soil. We speak with Valérie Smet and Manath Gevaert (Technical Operations Manager) about this remarkable addition to the already very rich rental program. We rent your future Some time ago Louis Smet said on social media: “Under our motto ‘We rent your future’ we are always looking for new machines that can expand and improve our machinery. In this way, we continue to distinguish ourselves from the competition and respond to both customer demand and the continuous evolution in the recycling world”. Manath goes on to say: “Exactly that’s what we stand for. For example, Louis and Stefaan wanted to have a smaller jaw crusher in their range, compact and easy to transport. I was commissioned to look for it and found the Irish brand Roco on LinkedIn, at first sight, more than interesting. Contact was quickly made via email and soon we were invited to come to Ireland, for an introduction”.
Exciting until the last minute…

Manath and Stefaan took the plane to Dublin on 22 November 2019. “Already at the airport, the people of Roco were waiting for us with coffee, because there was some hurry due to a busy program. The first stop we made was at a customer’s place, where the Roco R9R granite was breaking in a quarry. We can safely say that that was a good, impressive first
introduction to this relatively new brand. We were convinced of the qualities, but not yet impressed by the price. Within the already tight time-frame, we drove to the Ballytrain (the parent organization) headquarters. After extensive consultation, a deal had still not been made and the return flight was already waiting. With a sandwich in hand, we were put back
in the car on our way to the airport. There, in the car, literally, the final negotiations took place. It was very exciting… there were 3 minutes left and by both watering down, the deal was literally made in the last seconds! That’s really what you call a close call.” A first for mainland Europe
Smet Rental was the first to buy the Roco R9R on the mainland of Europe, a real first. Valérie explains: “With our knowledge and skills we have adapted the compact crusher to the needs and wishes of our customers. Of course, we have informed the supplier of the important
changes we have made. They, in turn, are working to implement this in their production. The Roco R9R was delivered in November 2019, after which we immediately started with the modifications. Within a month the machine was operational and could be rented out”. Now, half a year later, there is a good view of what the Roco R9R means within the overall picture. Valérie Smet: “It fully meets expectations, but we continue to perfect it. Customers

like to work with it, the machine is compact and runs with a diesel generator, the diesel engine type CAT C4.4 operates at a constant speed as a generator for the electric motors. The Roco R9R can also be used on the mains without any problems, which makes the machine suitable for indoor use. It is quieter, cleaner and has low wear and tear”. The conclusion is that the Roco R9R solves perfectly specific customer needs. Valérie concludes:
“Everything we do at Smet Rental is at the service of the customer. We buy our machines unbiased, with only the customer in mind”.

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