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X3 Rinser (The Roach)

Discovery Channel

Dave Turins Lost Mines

Here at Roco we are thrilled to announce that we have completed a deal on a new screening plant with Dave Turin from Gold Rush Lost Mines. The very popular global show aired its second series this year on the Discovery Channel, where the last episode of the 2020 series 'Lost miner lockdown’ was heavily influenced by our Roco X3 Rinsing screen. Dave made his first-ever trip to Ireland in December 2019


Discovery Channel

Roco are very proud to announce that they have completed a deal on a new screening plant with Dave Turin[…]

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Local News Blog, Talk of the town

As the excitement is built up for tonight’s episode of Dave turins lost mines, gold rush, Local News blog “Talk[…]

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REMINDER Discovery Channel tonight @ 23:00 GMT

REMINDER Discovery Channel tonight @ 23:00 GMT. Roco will feature on Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine – Lost Miner[…]

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‘The Biggest Challenge For Any Business’

Getting your brand out to your target audience is not easy, it’s the biggest challenge for us all and something only fools would ignore. Without brand awareness and putting it in front of your core audience you can be sure your business will fail. Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, and McDonalds are three of the world’s biggest and best-known brands and yet they continue to grow their advertising campaigns on a daily basis, so why should Roco be any different?

This was our thinking in late 2019 when we came up with the plan to aim high and get our equipment on TV, and no other TV show could be any more relevant to us than the very famous series ‘Gold Rush’.

Hubert Watson, our global sales director had previously been in contact with the very well known and much loved  ‘Dozer Dave’ Turin from the original Gold Rush series, Dave had just recently started his own show which was airing with millions of viewers on Discovery Channel, ‘Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mines’

After many phone calls and emails, we got in touch with Dave and had a discussion to see if there was anything we could do to assist him and his team on their upcoming gold hunting ventures. Hubert encouraged Dave to make his first-ever trip to Ireland in December 2019, where we hosted a meeting in our new offices and also viewed several Roco products we had in our inventory. Dave had informed us that he was looking for his new season of gold mining, and he would consider our Roco screening options for the job. After listening to Dave’s requests we felt we had the right machine to match his criteria. He needed something that was quick and easy to set up, cost-efficient to ship, and easy to transport from site to site. Lastly, he needed something that was user friendly for his team to work with. He needed the new screening plant to have a rinsing facility so it could wash down his raw feed material and screen out the cherished gold efficiently to his sluice box.

The Roco X3 ticked all his boxes, compact for shipping, fully independent screening unit on a tracked mounted chassis, and conveyor belts that were all hydraulic folding so setup was quick and easy. Roco’s X3 would come fitted with a fully remote control hydraulic tipping reject grid with  4″/100mm grid bar spacings which meant his team could feed the screening plant directly with his wheel loader without damaging the feed belt, as the grid would reject the oversized heavy material. From there the 4″ minus material would be fed by an independent feeder system onto another feed belt that would then bring the dirt material to the two-deck vibrating screen box where it would get washed down and segregated into the correct discharge conveyor areas. We needed to manufacture the first-ever rinsing kit for our X3 model and modify the unit so that it could be used for wet screening. We installed a new bespoke heavy-duty 10″/250mm manifold on the side of the feed conveyor, above the screen box area which would take a high volume water feed from a large water pump on-site. This manifold would then distribute the water to the many hoses and wash bars installed on the screen box. The water could then be regulated by adjustable taps on each outlet if required.

The two-deck vibrating screen box was modified at Dave’s requests as we fitted adjustable angle spray bars and nozzle heads to create higher water pressure for cleaning the material. Nine spray bars were installed, four to the top and four to the bottom deck of the screen box, and we fitted a single spray bar at the end of the feed conveyor to give the material a high-pressure blast before entering the screen box. We also installed an extra water outlet for washing everything down after a day of screening which would be very useful for clean up.

Underneath the screen box, we manufactured a bespoke catch box that was rubber lined which assisted in the ease of materials passing through and exiting while also reducing wear and noise. The lining made the catch box fully sealed so no gold would get lost and no water leaking would occur in the process. We also had to make sure there were no catch points or ‘corners’ in the catch box that would hold up the fine material exiting out through the outlet. There was an oversize 10″ outlet fitted at the lowest point of the catch box that could take the heavy flow of fine material falling down through the screen that contained the gold, From there it would get transferred onto Dave’s sluice box where the gold would get caught and the water could escape.

We had a large inspection hole installed on the underside of the catch box so that Dave and his team could get in and wash everything down or carry out any maintenance that may be required in the future. The catch box and all modifications were designed so that the full screening plant could be transported and shipped without any dismantling.

With everything in place, the new modified X3 rinsing plant was then loaded and shipped to the United States by 40-foot container and later transported to the site by truck, where it was set up and ready to run some dirt. The plant commenced work in July 2020 for its first season after restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic eased.

We now look forward to achieving our main initial goal in watching our Roco machine working live on television on one of the most famous series that has aired on Discovery Channel worldwide.

This is one of the first major steps in growing our brand and targeting our core audience. We look forward to bigger and better milestones to come in the future.

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